Welcome To The Back Seat!

Hello all! I would like to welcome you all the to the Back Seat Gamers! 

we are all a family here and welcome anyone to join us! So here at BSG we strive to be the best at what we do! You may ask yourself what does that mean? well I will tell you... So lets say on CS:GO you are the last one alive and everyone else is dead, and its the map Inferno and they have planted B so you run down Banana but well tell you dont do that and go a differnt way, but you still die, we will blame that loss all on you, but if you win we will take all credit! Other than that we look forward to telling you what you should do in game, and giving you shit either way!

BSG has not always been under this name, we have gone by one other name of Commend Squad, until we finally settled for BSG. The original Members are still very active in out TeamSpeak and in the community, we all play on a daily basis and enjoy our time with the other members. So everyone is aware I will tell you who these founding fathers are in order, First you have the founder FraNtiC, second person so come along was Neeble Keebler, The third NinyaBubble (Bubblebeetuna), and the last founder is Clarity pip. There are other people that have joined since that time, but those are the ones that were the first to kick things off! 

So come and join us and have the time of your life and let loose! We look forward to having events and other thins of that nature! and I hope to see you all there! If you have any questions there will be a post about our TeamSpeak and a link to all the Admin accounts! 

Thank you!


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